Feng Shui home staging

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Feng shui (pronounced fung shway) has thrived in China for hundreds of years, but this design philosophy has made its mark in real estate and home decorating in recent years. Feng means wind and shui means water. It promotes well-being by rearranging how energy (chi) flows through a house. The theory is that all spaces and objects have different energies (some positive and some negative), and they affect each other in a variety of ways. Sellers who want a fast sale for more money are turning feng shui principles to make their homes more appealing to potential buyers.
Place the”For Sale” Sign on the Right Side of the House
Feng Shui experts claim that the perfect side of a house is the buyer’s side. Furthermore, add positive energy by having wind chimes, flags, or wind socks to the right side of your houses under the right eave. This can direct a positive energy flow into the house instead of pushing it away or weakening it.
Invite Energy In Through the Front Door
Energy enters your house at the front door. Paint your front door a color to match the rest of the exterior. Add a new welcome mat and flank the doorway with plants that have rounded leaves. (Sharp leaves can appear aggressive to buyers)
Create a Room With a First Impression
Within the first ten seconds, buyers generally decide whether they will buy a house. So make sure the first impression (foyer, living room, or other) is the best staged room. Produce a clear path for this room with a runner rug or with eye-catching accessories or art.
Keep Energy in the Room
Keep the bathroom door shut and keep the lid of the toilet seat down. First of all, no one wants to see the inside of your toilet. However from a feng shui point of view, water represents money and the toilet is one location where water (money) can escape. Toilets and drains take energy from a space, so keep the toilet lid down and cover drains while not in use.
Improve Chi by Arranging the Furniture Have you ever walked into a room where everyone had their backs towards you? It’s an instant turnoff. If potential buyers see the back of the couch as they enter the space, energy bounces right out. A facing, comfy sofa or love seat toward the entrance of the room will enhance energy flow and encourage buyers in.
You wish to create an atmosphere that’s calm, restful and restorative, so be mindful of what you put over the bed. Nature scenes always work because they’re relaxing. (Also remove electronics, office furniture, and exercise equipment from the bedroom.)
Remove Clutter
There’s one absolute that’s consistent in most home staging — eliminate the clutter. Clutter prevents energy from flowing through the home. So clear out excess furniture, knickknacks, photos, religious objects, and other personal things.
Start Packing
Once you place your house on the marketplace, you must consider it as a commodity, not your property. When you start packing, you release your hold on the house and get the energy moving.

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